Food Data Sheets

To view food data sheets for HSC contracted food lines, use the search function to identify the relevant data sheet.

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Food Data Sheets

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Contract reference1129387 Hard Boiled Eggs and Liquid Pasteurised Eggs

Contract reference1134273 Swiss Rolls BHSCT

Contract reference1176050 Fresh Shell Eggs

Contract reference1208848 Ambient Ingredients and Cooking Oils

Contract reference123306 Yogurts for Resale and Patient Feeding

Contract reference1249573 Breakfast Cereals

Contract reference1347793 Fresh Bakery Products

Contract reference1537012 Frozen Ready Prepared

Contract reference15385 Confectionery, Crisps, Biscuits and Cereals

Contract reference1664752 Gravies Condiments and Sauces

Contract reference1689218 Chilled Cooked Meats

Contract reference17036 Bakery Produce

Contract reference17063 Desserts Custards and Jellies

Contract reference17064 Preserves and Sugars

Contract reference17379 - Ice Cream and Ice Lollies

Contract reference18048 Cold Beverages and Water

Contract reference18120 Fresh Milk and Cream

Contract reference18194 Tinned Food and Dehydrated Soups

Contract reference19716 Fresh Bread

Contract reference21273 Fruit Juices Cordials and Miscellaneous Drinks

Contract reference2169643 Frozen Dysphagia Food

Contract reference235351 Fresh Fish

Contract reference443431 Point of Sale Cake Slices etc

Contract reference445122 Pastry for BHSCT

Contract reference447237 - FROZEN FOODS

Contract reference447296 Beef and Lamb, Pork and Poultry

Contract reference496307 Hot Beverages and Ambient Milk Products

Contract reference570937 Butter Spreads Margarine and Cheese

Contract reference5995 Hot Beverages WHSCT

Contract reference681708 Fresh Bakery Produce SHSCT and HSCB

Contract reference799721 Chilled Display Units and Associated Soft Drink Beverages

Contract reference807166 Western Trust Fresh Sandwiches

Contract reference814696 Fresh and Prepared Fruit and Vegetables

Contract reference847876 Speciality Hot Beverages etc

Contract reference89720 RTF Infant Formula and Teat Units

Contract reference92835 Fresh Sandwiches

Contract reference93045 FRESH TRAYBAKES & CAKES

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